It doesn’t matter

You can get anything you want today,
Your shopping list, the sky’s the limit,
Super-sized the new cliché,
We ingest, grow fat or vomit

It doesn’t matter what you want to get
Credit cards to save the needy
Shopping binge, creating debt
We consume, grow numb and greedy

It doesn’t matter what you want to buy
You can pay it later on
It doesn’t matter, any time you want
24/7, dusk to dawn
It’s an insatiable hunger,
An urge, acquired greed
It doesn’t matter what you want, create need.

It doesn’t matter where you burn the cash
Magazines stir up the passion
Today’s hype, tomorrow’s trash
Keep in style, stay in fashion

The flashing neon signs,
Pointing our thoughts direction
If economy declines
Pray for its resurrection


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