Buy albums with your friends and pay no shipping costs!

Shipping costs suck. Big time. Especially for 12" records, since we can't send them through regular mail. And if you want to have just one album, there's not much we can do about the shipping costs. Sorry.

But... I you have some friends who also want our album, we can help you out with the following offers:

  • Buy 6 albums and pay no shipping costs. € 60,-
  • Buy 10 albums, pay 9 and no shipping costs.
    € 90,- (that's one free album)
  • Buy 16 albums, pay 14 and no shipping costs.
    € 140,- (that's two free albums)

All albums come with a free download code for the digital version in the format you like (well, most formats anyway).

And in case you're wondering: this is a world-wide offer!


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